Discouraged Records
Release date: 2013-10-11
Digital Album

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Album Facts

Titel: Ignition

Release date:

Track listening:

1. Burning Crowd
2. Stars
3. Alligator
4. Pictures
5. Pray
6. Sign Away Your Life
7. Fire In The Hole
8. Spider's Nest
9. Confronted
10. My Solid Harbor

Format: Digital
Cataloge No: MMI25
EAN: 7320470178669

Label: Discouraged Records
Umeå, Sweden


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Promotion (UK)
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Label Contact

Discouraged Records / Kristoffer

Idle Producion / Kristoffer

Band Contact


...is a metal band from Umeå in northern Sweden who are not afraid of crossing genre boundaries. With influences from powerful bands like Pantera, Devin Townsend, Meshuggah and Sepultura this five-piece mixes everything from thrash/death metal, rock and punk to ambient and acoustic music, delivering a progressive layer of fast, slamming and brutal metal riddled with soaring and haunting melodies.

Crowdburn has prior to their debut album 'Ignition' already made some impressing achievements. In just two weeks after getting a full line-up they reached the finals in the Swedish radio station competition Bandit Unsigned with their song 'Pictures'. Thereafter the band kept their pace up, simultaneously doing shows around Sweden and writing new material. In 2011 they officially released the mini CD 'Confronted' which was very well received by both fans and reviewers. The song 'Burning Crowd' was featured in UK magazine Metal Hammer's 'New Guard CD', proving that they now were one of the 15 hottest new metal bands. They were also played nationwide by Bandit Rock and P3.

Crowdburn are also known for their music videos. Both songs 'Confronted' and the cover 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' are great Youtube successes. Together they have close to half a million views and Scary Monsters topped the Swedish charts during the week it was released.

"Ignition" will be released on October 11th by Swedish record label Discouraged Records (fame of bands like: Plector, Abandon, Moloken, Terrortory, System Annihilated, This Gift Is A Curse, etc).

Band Members

Aron Andersson - Vocals
Christoffer Lindmark - Guitar(Lead Guitarist)
Patrik Wall - Guitars
Jonathan Holmgren - Bass
Andreas Grehn - Drums


Official Website


Ignition. Discouraged Records 2013
Confronted. Self released/promo 2011

Album Credits

Drums and vocals recorded by Crowdburn and Ronnie Björnström at Toontrack studios.
Guitars and bass recorded by Crowdburn.
Song 1 - 7 and 9 mixed by Ronnie Björnström and Crowdburn at Enhanced Audio. Song 8 and 10 mixed by Christoffer Lindmark. All songs except 10 mastered at Borglab.
Additional vocals on 6 by Henrik Brännlund, Bella Säbom, Mira Säbom och Emmy Westman.
Cover art by Michael Munkholm.
Copyright 2013 Crowdburn


*... mixes modern metal with the best of the 90's thrash ...

* ... influenced by bands like System of a down, Devin Townsend, Pantera and early Meshuggah ...

* ... grand choruses and rock-hard riffs coalesce ...

* ... vocals ranging from powerful screams to Eddie Vedder-esque timbre ...

* ... hit songs that still keep the listener interested by the variety and innovation ...